Confidentiality policy

The Pre-school’s work with children and families brings us into contact with confidential information. To ensure that all those using and working in, pre-school can do so with confidence we respect confidentiality at all times. Any anxieties or evidence relating to the personal safety of any individual child will be kept in a confidential file and, if necessary, actioned according to the requirements of the Child Protection policy.

Parents are able to access their child’s records but not those of any other child.

While it is necessary for staff to discuss individual children for the purposes of care and curriculum provision, individual children will not be discussed with the parents and carers of other children.

Information given by parents/carers will be shared appropriately with staff and will not be passed to others without parental agreement.

Files for children and staff are stored in a locked cupboard when pre-school is closed.

Information of a confidential or personal nature will be shared with parents discreetly.

Employment issues will remain confidential to those directly involved and to a staff member’s nominated support e.g Trades Union representative.

Policy reviewed and updated January 2017

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With the rapidly changing situation we can only repeat Government advice on distancing and isolation, especially for pregnant mothers.

The pre-school depends on St Helen's school for access and must also maintain minimum ratios of staff to children.

Our manager is reviewing the situation of both access and staffing daily and will endeavour to give a much notice as possible if sessions need to be reduced or cancelled.

The private Facebook group is the best channel for group information.

The annual general meeting will be rescheduled.

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Term 6: Monday 1st June to Monday 20th July

 Inset day, 20th July


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