Health and Hygiene Policy

St Helen’s pre-school aims to promote health and hygiene

This policy should be read in conjunction with the Food Policy

Adults are expected to be aware of, and to maintain, appropriate standards of hygiene at all times.

Tables are cleaned with hot soapy water and anti-bacterial disinfectant.

Cutlery and crockery are washed in hot soapy water and left to air dry when possible. At intervals these are washed in a dishwasher.

Tea towels and cleaning cloths are changed daily.

Adults and children are encouraged to wash hands, using clean running water and anti-bacterial soap, at appropriate times and to use disposable paper towels for hand drying.

Children are encouraged to clean hands using wet wipes before eating at Forest School.

Disposable, protective gloves are available to staff and should always be used to clear bodily fluids etc.

Children are encouraged to dispose of soiled tissues etc, in the bin provided, and to wash hands after using these.

The toilet and kitchen areas are checked at the start of each session as part of the daily risk assessment. All staff are responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of these areas throughout each session.

No smoking is allowed on the Pre-school premises, including the garden.

Food and Drinks
Eating together plays an important part in the social life of the Pre-school and encourages a healthy approach to food and eating.

Fresh drinking water is available to the children throughout each session.

Full cream milk is available for snack.

On registration parents should discuss with the manager any dietary needs their child has, including any food allergies or intolerances.

Snacks provided are nutritious, generally fruit/vegetables.

Snacks are washed and cut with the children as they require them.

Staff who have attended food handling training are encouraged to share their knowledge of best practice with other staff and with parent helpers.

Snacks are stored in the fridge or in a cool cupboard, as appropriate; milk is stored in the fridge. If possible the temperature of the fridge is checked daily. Milk that is past its best or past its use by date is discarded. Milk bottles that have been opened are discarded at the end of the session

There is insufficient room to store packed lunches in the fridge, parents are encouraged to use insulated lunch boxes.

Due regard should also be paid to the requirements of the Food Policy

Cooking activities support and promote an understanding of healthy eating practices. Ingredients used are free from additives and excessive quantities of sugar, salt and saturated fats.

Planned cooking activities take into account the dietary requirements of the children attending the session and, over time, aim to introduce children to food from a range of cultures and to show the importance of food to social and cultural life.

Healthy Lifestyle
Children are encouraged to take part in a wide range of activities, enabling them to explore their creativity and interests fully.

The garden is open and available throughout each session all year round with most activities available outdoors; this encourages children to routinely move around in larger spaces and with more freedom than is available in a confined indoor area.

Children are encouraged to take part in a range of physical activities, both indoors and outdoors. Children attending on Monday mornings and Thursday mornings take part in Forest School sessions, spending the whole session out in the natural environment all year round. Children attending on Friday mornings take part in Field Friday which takes place outdoors for most of the session.

St Helen’s Pre-school recognises the importance of developing strong emotional health in young children

Children are encouraged to become familiar with how they are feeling and to recognise when they need fresh air or more space.

Children who are upset or anxious benefit from time outside with an adult.

Children are never sent outdoors/indoors as a sanction for unacceptable behaviour – staff follow behaviour management guidelines and policy to help the child manage their behaviour.

St Helen’s Pre-school has achieved the Healthy Pre-school Award each year

Policy reviewed February 2017

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