Healthcare and Medication Policy

If children become ill during a pre-school session staff will contact parents, followed by other emergency contact names given with a view to the sick child being collected. Should it not be possible to arrange for the child to be collected the child will be made comfortable in a quiet area of the room or Forest school area. If it is not possible for an adult to remain with the child continuously the session leader will ensure that the child is checked every ten minutes, the checks recorded on the Sleeping Child Form (attached) and further action taken as needed in accordance with the First Aid training undertaken by staff.

We aim to ensure that all staff hold an up to date First Aid certificate.

Should a child need to be taken to hospital before parents or nominated carers have arrived we will aim to send a member of staff with them if this does not compromise the safety of the children remaining in the setting.

It is the policy of St Helen’s Pre-school not to administer medication to the children in our care, with the following exceptions.

  1. Children needing inhalers for asthma will be assisted to use these.
  2. Children needing cream for severe eczema will be assisted to apply this to exposed areas (e.g. hands after washing).
  3. Potentially lifesaving treatment for anaphylactic shock and other severe allergic reactions, where the epi-pen or similar is provided in advance by the parents, will be administered. Staff should receive training in the use of these procedures when such procedures require medical or technical knowledge.
  4. Individual care needs should be discussed with the manager or child’s keyworker; care needs should be agreed and recorded on the Medication/Care Agreement Form. In some cases it may be possible to administer other medication; this would usually be for long term medical conditions and must be discussed and agreed in advance with the pre-school manager. Medication that has not been prescribed, for the child, by a doctor, dentist, nurse or pharmacist will never be administered.
  5. Children’s medication should be stored in a named airtight container with a photo of the child, out of the reach of children. The medication should be in its original packaging with instructions for use clearly shown. Medication used should be in date.

In all of the above cases

  1. A medication/care agreement form will be completed by the parents and signed by the parents and pre-school manager.
  2. Medication will be provided by the parents with clear instructions; medication will be clearly labelled and provided in its original container.
  3. Staff administering the medication will receive the same amount of training as that undertaken by the parents for delivering the medication.
  4. Each individual treatment will be recorded in the accident/incident book.
  5. Appropriate insurance cover must be in place.

A copy of the medication agreement form is attached and forms a part of this policy.

Staff Medication

Staff, students and volunteers must not be under the influence of alcohol or any other substance which may affect their ability to care for the children.

Practitioners taking medication which may affect their ability to care for the children should seek medical advice and should not work with the children unless medical advice indicates that the medication is unlikely to impair their ability to look after the children properly.

Staff medication should be stored securely, always out of the reach of the children, and should be clearly labelled.

Policy Reviewed February 2017 

Medication Care Agreement Form

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